Build a Diverse Team With Fetcher

Partner with Fetcher to instantly build an inclusive pipeline of qualified talent
The first step in building a more balanced, inclusive company is to improve how you source talent. At Fetcher, we help companies fill their pipelines with qualified candidates from a broad range of backgrounds.

The Diversity Advantage
Diverse teams outperform their competition. We work with our clients to make inclusive sourcing a core operating principle. Experience the benefits of building a truly diverse and inclusive workplace by leveraging the Fetcher platform to automate candidate discovery.

Customized Reporting & Metrics
Get insights into your progress and understand which searches are performing the best. Our customer success and research teams will also interpret your metrics and suggest tactical ways to improve your recruiting strategy.

Smart Search
Fetcher’s core technology and operational approach unearths candidates from underrepresented groups who best fit your search criteria.

See why companies like Citi, Peloton and Bridgestone trust Fetcher to bring them the right talent across all role types.

  • 💵 20x cost advantage over agencies

  • 🤑 10x cost advantage over adding in-house talent

  • ⏱️ Spend just 1 hour per month qualifying candidates vs. 10 hours per month manually sourcing

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