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AI-powered sourcing that saves you time on those hard-to-fill roles

Expand your sourcing potential & build a robust candidate pipeline with Fetcher’s sourcing technology, combined with human-in-the-loop insights.


One tool to handle all of your top-of-funnel sourcing needs

Become a sourcing rockstar. With Fetcher, you can manage more open roles and spend less time on those hard-to-fill pipelines, all without compromising results.

Build robust talent pipelines with complete candidate profiles included

No more endless Google searches. In just a few clicks, get high-level candidate information, view online profiles, and add qualified candidates to outreach campaigns.

Easily share profiles and analytics across your team

Fetcher makes it quick and easy to review candidates at each stage of the pipeline. Through the Team View, you can easily share profiles with teammates & hiring managers for review and approval.