2021 Recruiting Trends

Trends that Recruiters Need to Know for 2021 Hiring Success

January 13, 2021


Happy New Year! While 2020 is behind us (finally!), the impacts of the past year will be felt well into 2021 and beyond. From high unemployment rates and remote work to a national call to action for more diversity in the workplace, 2021 is another unique year in recruiting. But no matter the industry, it’s likely that hiring needs will increase too, with recruiters preparing for a busy year as vaccines begin to roll out. Recruiters can be leaders as we recover from the blow of COVID-19 by guiding business leaders as they get their teams back to the office. To help you conquer the new year, here are the recruiting trends to watch for in 2021.

Remote Hiring is Here to Stay


80% of talent professionals agree that virtual recruiting will continue even after we’re free from COVID-19. So, don’t retire those Zoom backgrounds just yet! Without the need to travel, recruiting and interviewing virtually saves time and money for all parties involved. While convenient, remote recruiting still presents challenges. How do you add human touches to the process when you won’t be meeting a candidate face-to-face?

When hiring virtually, make sure outreach to candidates is personal. If you’re interested in a candidate, try to get on a video conference as soon as possible rather than a voice call. As vaccines roll out and people are able to return to office settings, we will see hybrid hiring models emerge as managers combine the best aspects of remote and in-person hiring. Hiring managers may choose to keep all initial interviews remote and only meet one or two candidates in person for their final interviews. Recruiting teams will need to discover what combination of remote and in-person hiring is right for their organization, so start having those discussions now.

Employer Branding is More Important than Ever

As always, but especially as we’re in the midst of this pandemic, it’s important to showcase how your company is caring for its employees. Candidates want to know they’ll be safe if they have to go into a physical workplace and that they’ll be taken care of should they get sick. Candidates also care about how organizations are taking a stand on social issues. As prospects may not get the chance to come in and meet team members in person, or get a feel for the office, the way your company presents itself online is more important than ever. Review your organization’s social media accounts. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are great platforms to showcase your firm’s corporate responsibility. Make sure company values and benefits are clearly stated, and easy to find, on your career page, too!

Upskilling will Fill the Skill-Gap

Despite high unemployment rates, 87% of employers report they’re struggling to fill positions due to skills gaps. In fact, some staffing agencies are tackling this problem head-on by enrolling candidates in training programs to prepare them for future jobs. Digital skills make up 70% of the fastest-growing skills worldwide, but note that interpersonal skills are just as important to consumers. Candidates are far more likely to commit to an organization that shows commitment to their career growth. Recruiters should encourage employers to have training programs in place for their employees to attract the best talent and help fill their skill-gap.

Diversity & Inclusion will Remain a Top Priority


Following the call for social justice and reform this past summer, companies have pledged their commitment to increasing diversity amongst their workforces. Recruiters can hold business leaders accountable by delivering diverse talent pools and encouraging hiring managers to move qualified underrepresented candidates through the funnel. If you feel your firm needs to improve their D&I efforts, start by focusing on the following areas:

  • Reduce bias in the interview process by…
    1 - Scripting interviews so each candidate gets the same questions
    2 - Using preset talent scorecards to measure how each candidate performed rather than basing decisions on gut feelings
    3 - Conducting interviews with a panel of interviewers rather than a series of 1-on-1 interviews.
  • Rely on data-driven reporting to ensure you’re hitting your goals
  • Develop D&I training and policies
    1 - Just as leadership implements plans to prevent sexual harassment, they should also have policies in place to prevent racism and intolerance.

86% of candidates say diversity, equality, and inclusion are important to them when it comes to choosing a job. 62% of people reported they’d turn down a job offer if a company’s culture didn’t appear to support a diverse workforce. It’s essential to remedy any company biases or risk losing top talent. Remember, diversity is fundamentally good for business! Organizations with ethnically and culturally diverse executive teams are 36% more likely to have above-average profitability.

Tech will Continue to be a Recruiter’s Best Friend

2021 will be a busy year for talent professionals and you’ll need all the help you can get to stay ahead of competitors. As hiring picks up, take advantage of software built to handle your more mundane tasks, saving you time and energy. Many recruiting teams are smaller this year due to the pandemic. With lighter headcount and fewer resources at your disposal, automation can help enhance and streamline your current processes. Tools like Fetcher cut hours spent on sourcing and outreach so you can focus on engaging with candidates, advising hiring managers, and strategizing. For example, with Fetcher, you can send 150+ emails in one hour. Manually, this would take over ten hours! If you’re not leveraging automation technology in 2021, you’ll quickly be outpaced by your competitors. Try Fetcher and make 2021 your most productive year yet!


With 2020 in the rearview, it’s time to focus on the year ahead. These trends offer a wide variety of applications for recruiters and business leaders to consider. From remote hiring to leveraging technology, all of these trends serve to improve the overall candidate experience. As always, candidates want human connection, even if all communication is virtual. They want to know that their potential employer cares about their wellbeing, future, and community. Staying apprised of new trends grants recruiters insight into their candidates’ mindset when it comes to job hunting. To stay on top of the latest recruiting trends, check out our blog, and follow @Fetcherai on Twitter. Happy 2021, everyone!

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