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Your Sourcing Barista: Automated Sourcing vs. Talent Databases

September 17, 2020

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Instant coffee. It’s quick, easy, and has enough caffeine to get you out the door in the morning. The taste, however, is usually a little off. Too bitter or too diluted, it is nothing compared to the slow-roasted, pour-over coffee we’ve come to love. Better yet, a custom-made latte handed to you by your favorite barista. Now, you’re probably beginning to wonder, “Didn’t I click on an article about sourcing? What does coffee have to do with that?” Well, instant coffee is actually a perfect analogy for an issue facing recruiters today.

Talent Databases

Many AI talent databases will instantly find candidates for you, but a lack of customized filters and a drop off after an initial surge of candidate options might leave you disappointed with your results. Not to mention you’ll then have more sourcing work to do, spending hours reviewing candidate profiles to add only the most qualified prospects to email sequences.

Lets face it - talent databases can be a lifesaver but, at the end of the day, you are still the one doing most of the work. You enter in your requirements via the database’s standard filters and then are left sifting through the prospects manually because the preset filter options are not always specific to your company’s culture and needs. One size fits all just doesn’t work in recruiting.

And while databases with millions of candidates may seem vast, when there are thousands of recruiters fishing from the same pool, using nearly identical filters, that pool quickly evaporates, leading to lower response rates and slower hiring. Furthermore, once you have your initial search results, that’s it. The database tool has completed its job and given you all potential candidates in one lump sum. Instant results are enticing, but they often leave you with a quick surge of energy and then that afternoon slump.

Automated Sourcing

So, how do you hire efficiently without running into the ‘instant coffee’ conundrum? Meet Fetcher’s automated sourcing platform. Think of it as your very own sourcing barista. Our full-service sourcing solution gets to know your company and your hiring goals, adjusting filter parameters to your needs and preferences. You can create custom filters that are unique to the positions you’re looking to fill, and our learning algorithms improve candidate quality with each round of feedback. With Fetcher, you will find a prospect that is a holistic fit with your company rather than someone who just checks standard boxes.

Along with AI, our human-in-the-loop keeps an eye on all the prospective candidates landing in your inbox to make sure they fit your qualifications. They also ensure no one is overlooked due to faulty search terms or imperfect filters. We realize that you have a lot more on your plate than just sourcing. You’re engaging with potential candidates, interviewing, working on offers, and managing a variety of other tasks. And with other database tools, you’re still sourcing and filtering for yourself. With Fetcher, we do that for you, saving you time, energy, and money.

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And rather than a flood of instant results, we bring you a steady stream of continuous candidates, building your top of funnel talent pool week after week and month after month. Instead of hundreds of prospects to sift through at once, Fetcher delivers digestible groupings of candidates to your inbox daily so you don’t feel overwhelmed. With each round of candidates, you’re able to leave feedback, helping our AI with ‘human in the loop’ technology learn exactly what you’re looking for and narrowing in on the right prospects for you. As Fetcher learns more about your preferences, it’s even able to suggest candidates that standard databases often overlook due to their narrow filtering options.

Wake Up to Interested Candidates

Instant coffee serves a purpose and gets the job done when you’re in need of a quick fix. But when it comes to building a robust, qualified candidate pool, instant results are rarely the best results. Intelligent sourcing, and a 24/7 automated sourcer in your back pocket, are essential to keeping your business thriving. You deserve a sourcing barista who knows your company and has your candidates ready to go each morning! Looking for an improved candidate sourcing experience? Get started at

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