How Fetcher Doubled & Diversified Our Team in 2021

Our strategy for quickly & effectively expanding our team

September 16, 2021


Building our team for long-term growth means recruiting smarter, not harder. With this in mind, Fetcher’s growth has been focused on finding the people who can help us scale rapidly while staying committed to our core values of Curiosity, Accountability, Resourcefulness, and Empathy (CARE). By having people who CARE on our team, we are able to help our clients discover the right people to help their teams thrive.

Learn more about the hurdles we faced going into 2021, and how Fetcher adapted to double our team this year.

Our Challenges 🤔

2020 and 2021 have been unlike any other years for companies worldwide. Like most organizations, Fetcher had to pause our hiring initiatives when COVID first hit. As vaccines began to roll out in 2021 and the workplaces gradually began hiring again, companies needed a solution to help them find and engage with talent quickly. The return of hiring, paired with Fetcher’s raising a Series A in March, meant that we needed to scale our team quickly.

Initially, we were relying on LinkedIn to promote some of our easier-to-fill open roles. With a small recruiting team, this process was time-consuming. It did not always deliver qualified, diverse applicants, and quickly bottlenecked our growth. In addition, our recruiters needed to engage with candidates at appropriate times across many different time zones in four continents, which made sending manual emails tricky.

The Solution 💡

While we had previously used Fetcher’s software exclusively for open roles with very specific requirements or skills, we expanded this usage to all open roles. Fetcher’s Talent Acquisition Manager, Agni Bermudez, says that using Fetcher to source all roles gave her team much more control over the candidate pool, as they could target specific backgrounds and geographic areas. This also allowed her to align her searches with the diversity goals outlined in Fetcher’s vision statement.

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The best part for our recruiting team is the time savings. Instead of spending hours each week manually sourcing, the recruiting team now takes just 10 minutes each day to review sourced candidates and provide feedback to calibrate the AI. “Candidates were a perfect fit through Fetcher’s platform,” says Head of People Andreina Naim. Because of this, our team could spend more of their time gathering candidate feedback and creating a great onboarding experience for new Fetcher team members!

By scheduling automated email sequences in a candidate’s specific time zone, email outreach became more effective and manageable, even if candidates were on the opposite side of the world.


The Results 📈🌎

Fetcher’s recruiting team has made 130+ hires so far in 2021, ranging from engineers to data analysts to customer success managers. Because they are spending much less time filtering through applicants, the People team has more time to engage with candidates, help to promote the Fetcher brand, and gauge overall performance so that we can continue to grow. When the searches need tweaking in order to provide better results, the recruiting team knows they can count on our Operations team to adjust.


On the diversity side, Fetcher’s team is now 54% female and 46% male, an uncommon ratio for the tech startup space. We’ve also been able to hire more candidates from non-traditional educational backgrounds, which means we have, “a unique combination of ideas coming together for the benefit of the company,” says Andreina Naim, Fetcher’s Head of People.

Don’t let your hiring practices slow your organization’s potential growth! Leveraging technology can help you automate the repetitive tasks at the top of the funnel, so you can engage with top talent without putting everything else on hold.

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