Fetcher launches Bulk Import to Enhance its Directory

Sync. Segment. Stay in touch with your entire talent pool.

January 9, 2023

Product Update - Bulk Import

Bulk import represents a significant enhancement to Fetcher’s Directory, which was launched in the summer of 2021. Bulk upload allows for contacts to be imported, segmented, and easily added to multi-touchpoint email sequences.

“Our team is excited to see our clients start using the new bulk import tool,” said Hillary Ross, Senior Product Manager. “Not only does it allow them to expand through outreach through our campaign functionality, but it also opens the doors for more growth opportunities for our Directory.”

With Bulk Import, you’ll quickly create one source of truth for your top of funnel and easily keep in touch with your entire talent pool. Check out this new feature that gives Fetcher clients more power in scaling their nurturing strategies.

How Bulk Import Works

1. Sync all your prospects.

Bulk Import - Sync

Have candidates sourced outside of Fetcher? Add these contacts and their information to a pre-generated CSV template, and then upload it to Fetcher. All your prospect data lives in one place!

2. Segment Prospects to Target the Right Audience

Bulk Import - Segment

After a successful import, your candidates can easily be segmented with the Directory. When creating a new Campaign, you’ll include the candidates from your import (and any others you’d like to connect with!) in your filters.

3. Stay in Touch with Tailored, Timely Outreach

Bulk Import - Stay in touch

Build a sequence of up to six email touchpoints within Fetcher. Build your own from scratch, or you can start with our pre-made templates, and customize them to fit your brand and messaging. You decide when and often to communicate with prospects. And, you can send outreach on behalf of hiring managers or your leadership team, to help your messages resonate with your target audience.

When & Why to Nurture Candidates

Combining Fetcher’s Directory with the new bulk upload feature gives talent teams more strategic power behind their outreach. There are plenty of opportunities to get in touch with previously-sourced candidates, including:

  • To let previously sourced candidates know about a new open role.

  • To re-engage silver medalist candidates, if you have another role they’d be a great fit for.

  • To share company updates and new achievements.

  • To keep in touch with candidates who passed on previous offers.

  • To invite candidates to an upcoming event you are attending or hosting

With Fetcher’s recruiting automation, you never have to worry about leaks in your talent pipeline. As your Directory grows, your ability to spin up campaigns, save time, and connect (or reconnect) with new prospects and candidates from prior searches will become easier and easier.

The Fetcher team is always working to build the easiest, most efficient, and most loved recruiting platform. If you’d like to learn more about Fetcher and how we can help you hire top talent faster, request a demo today!

Your emails to candidates are a critical part of creating a great candidate experience overall. Reach out to us to schedule a demo and see how we can help you maximize the effectiveness of your email outreach!

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