Fetcher Product Update: Introducing Diversity Stats

Increased visibility into your recruiting pipeline’s diversity

January 6, 2022


We often think of diversity as having a seat at the table, welcoming everyone to the party, or being a unique piece of the puzzle. These analogies help paint a picture of a dinner table, party, or puzzle that’s vibrant and dynamic. They represent the idea of diversity. But what’s often lost in these analogies is the reality: how many total seats are there, and who sits in them? How many people would like to be a piece of the puzzle, but aren’t?

When it comes to hiring, answering these questions is key to building a vibrant, dynamic, and innovative team. Diversity metrics provide the context needed to help hiring teams understand their current pipeline of candidates, and make adjustments accordingly. It starts at the very beginning of the recruiting process; increasing diversity in the initial talent pool means you’ll have more diversity in the outreach, interview, and offer stages. It is a numbers game, but it’s one that lifts up people from a wider range of backgrounds and experiences.

With all of this in mind, the Fetcher team is excited to announce the release of diversity metrics to our platform. Now, you can see gender and demographic estimates for each of your open positions and better understand the composition of your top-of-funnel candidate pool.

How to Use Fetcher’s Diversity Stats

Increasing diversity is a noble goal, but it can be an uncomfortable one when it comes to measuring. When looking at your diversity stats, keep in mind that:

  • Fetcher’s metrics are estimates, meaning they provide a summary of the candidates in a search. Use the insights from these estimates to understand whether you are under or over-indexing in any of your searches. From there, you can make educated decisions on how to adjust.

  • When cross-referenced with engagement analytics, diversity stats will reveal whether your sourcing and outreach efforts are resonating with diversity candidates.

  • We’ve compiled data from multiple sources, including the U.S. Census. It’s not information that is unique to Fetcher, but we’ve collected, organized, and shared the data in a way that’s meaningful to Fetcher users.

Where to Find Your Diversity Stats


You can find diversity estimates for gender and demographics on the right-hand side of the dashboard for an open position. If you’ve recently opened a search and don’t see these metrics, don’t worry – the estimates will only appear once at least 50 candidates have been sourced.

Resources for Building Your Diversity Recruiting Strategy

Knowledge is power, and having diversity metrics at your fingertips will be one powerful resource to use when developing a plan to diversify your pipeline. The other resources below will help you take the next steps in putting your DE&I strategy into place!

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The Fetcher team is consistently working to make it easier to hit your recruiting goals. If you’d like to learn more about Fetcher can help you find and engage with diverse, top talent faster, request a demo with our team.

Check out Fetcher’s other blog posts for more talent acquisition tips and insights into recruiting trends.

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