Fetcher Raises $6.5 Million Series A

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March 18, 2021


Today we’re excited to share some special news: we’ve raised a $6.5M Series A investment led by G20 Ventures, with participation from KFund and existing investors Accomplice and Slow. This additional funding allows us to double down on delivering qualified candidates faster than ever, along with providing better insights & resources to help companies create diverse candidate pipelines.

“Candidate sourcing is by far the most labor intensive aspect of recruiting these days, and the truth is it’s hopelessly broken,” said Mike Troiano, Partner at G20 Ventures. “Fetcher solves this problem using AI, scalable processes, and smart people to automate repetitive, top-of-funnel recruiting tasks. I’m genuinely excited to be a small part of the Fetcher story going forward, and thankful to be working with Andres and the whole team to help scale their go to market model.”

What’s Next for Fetcher

We will use our new funding to further develop our full-service, recruiting automation platform and to scale our Engineering, Data Science and Sales teams. In order to hire qualified, diverse talent recruiters and hiring managers often spend hours each day discovering, emailing, and nurturing prospective candidates. These monotonous, time consuming efforts often take away from time spent on the candidate experience, meaning the team has less time to engage, market, and connect with potential candidates, which could lead to fewer offers accepted or poor culture fits.

Our full-service, recruiting automation platform gives recruiters and hiring managers time back in the day. Rather than using a standard database model, Fetcher’s AI with ‘human in the loop’ sourcing model allows recruiters to spend less time in front of a computer searching for candidates and more time on the candidate experience, making real human connections, while Fetcher’s automated sourcing runs in the background.

“The use of automation has not only allowed our customers to focus more on the candidate experience, but has also given our customers more robust, diverse candidate pipelines,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Andres Blank. “This combination has led to our revenue doubling in the last 6 months, and these trends are not slowing down as more and more companies begin hiring again post-pandemic.”

Our platform currently integrates with email, calendars, and Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Our one-click Chrome extension also allows recruiters to manually source directly on LinkedIn, filtering qualified prospective candidates into automated email outreach sequences for engagement. With our robust analytics, we allow companies to track top-of-funnel performance metrics at the individual and team levels, as well as at the position and company levels.

These metrics not only give teams an understanding of what is needed at each stage in the funnel in order to meet and exceed their hiring goals, but they also help build diverse candidate pipelines with new diversity analytics.

”Inbound applicants, especially in tech, don’t always accurately represent the diversity of the world around us, so sourcing is a top priority for our team,” said Anna Chalon, Senior Director of Talent and DE&I at Frame.io. “With so many open roles, we were often working additional hours just to ensure we could build a diverse pipeline for every role. With Fetcher, we can now hire more people in less time, all while continuing to push our diversity initiatives.”

We understand how important sourcing is in helping companies build diverse teams, and have many product updates in place to support these initiatives. From high-level diversity analytics to ensure that diverse candidate pipelines are being built, to CRM-like remarketing campaigns and candidate databases, we are excited to continue to optimize its automated sourcing and outreach functionalities in order to help recruiters and hiring managers discover & hire diverse, qualified candidates faster than ever.

Thank you to our customers, investors, advisors and partners for believing in our team and our mission. And big thanks to our Fetcher Family for working tirelessly to make this growth a reality. We’re excited to continue this journey with all of you!

Learn more about our Series A here.

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At Fetcher, our mission is to introduce companies to the people who will help them change the world. Our full-service, recruting automation platform automates those repetitive, top-of-funnel tasks, so you can focus more on candidate engagement & team collaboration. Simplify Sourcing. Optimize Outreach. Hire Top Talent. Learn more at fetcher.ai.

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