Fetcher's Year in Review: Looking Back & Looking Ahead

Fetcher’s Leadership Team on 2021 Achiements & 2022 Goals

December 28, 2021


To wrap up 2021, some of Fetcher’s leadership team reflected on the most meaningful accomplishments of this year. They also shared what goals and initiatives they are looking foward to bringing to the Fetcher family in 2022!

What are you most proud of accomplishing at Fetcher in 2021?

Being able to bring so many new amazing new people to the team while hitting our big and audacious goals. It’s been great to see how the new people in the team have had a positive impact on Fetcher’s culture and outcomes as evidenced by our latest engagement survey results and our Key Business Metrics. - Andres Blank, CEO

In 2021, we deployed the biggest update to our product since our initial launch. Meanwhile, as we close out the year we will wrap up our biggest integration push ever. That is an incredibly gratifying feeling. Moreover, we added nine new team members on the Engineering & Product teams. We’ve experienced similar growth throughout the company, and I’m proud of how quickly our newest team members contributed in their areas of focus. - Chris Calmeyn, Chief Product Officer

2021 has been a year of growth. On the marketing side, we’ve grown in size, we’ve grown to better understand the needs of our customers, and we’ve helped grow the number of users we have here at Fetcher. That said, for me, hearing directly from our customers as to how Fetcher has helped improve their recruiting process is always what I’m most proud of and excited to share. I’d love for everyone to check out the case studies our team has put together with a few of our customers throughout this year. - Melissa Roer, VP of Marketing

This year we began to work on reengineering the search engine. As an engineer, being able to improve a previous project that I worked on is super rewarding. I am proud to have participated in the design of the new solution, to create an execution plan, and to be closing the year with a working prototype.
- Santi Aimetta, Director of Engineering

In 2021, the People team became a pillar that supports all employees. We’ve grown as professionals to build robust processes, programs, and new career paths for the rest of the company. - Andreina Naim, Head of People

I’m proud of the foundation we built. The foundation should allow Fetcher to be a strong business for years to come. Achieving our Series A was also absolutely unreal. To see Fetcher on the front page of TechCrunch was really amazing. What I’m most proud of is the people. Everyone at this company has come in with passion and professionalism. To see that on a day-to-day basis is absolutely amazing.
- Greg Drinkwater, Head of Sales

We have introduced major improvements to the product during 2021. The most important of which are introducing a candidate directory, the ability to create campaigns, and diversity statistics. Even though the Engineering team is still slim for our ambitions, we have significantly grown our team with high-quality people, and we are on track to continue growing according to our goals. - Javier Castiarena, Director of Engineering

Looking ahead to 2022, what are you looking forward to at Fetcher?

Now that we’ve worked with so many clients, we are starting to have a better idea of who our ideal client is and where they see value in the product. I’m excited to use this new information to improve our product to deliver more value and refine our message to go out to those companies that we know will be successful with Fetcher. - Andres Blank

Next year we expect to see accelerating returns on the investments made in 2021. The addition of new integration partners will open up Fetcher to more new customers. With each passing day we will understand our customers better and obtain clearer insights into what they need. With a growing team and customer base we have all of the conditions required to shape Fetcher into a world class product. Our company’s growth in 2022 will be exciting to experience. - Chris Calmeyn

There’s no shortage of news on The Great Resignation, the She-Cession, and the need for more streamlined DE&I initiatives. As we head into 2022, I’m excited to show recruiters how Fetcher can help combat these difficult circumstances. At Fetcher, we don’t want to be just another tool in the recruiter toolbox, but rather, a trusted platform to improve a recruiter’s day, improve a company’s hiring process, and improve a candidate’s hiring experience. 2022 will bring continued efforts to partner with recruiters, showcase best practices, and help improve and amplify the efforts of recruiting teams worldwide. - Melissa Roer

For next year, we plan to have a team focused on information retrieval and search. We expect to continue with the migration of search technology and its integration with other projects. As a result, we expect to improve the usability and adoption of the search engine. To do so, we’ll incorporate more filters and more data to the candidate profiles, and better suggestions will be provided. During the next year, we’ll also work on processes to handle larger volumes of data and massive data updates. - Santi Aimetta

We are looking forward to a bigger and brighter Fetcher in the coming year, and offering more opportunities for teams to grow and develop. Our focus is on building a great connection with our people, giving them reasons to stay, and motivating them to continue doing the quality work that they’re doing. - Andreina Naim

2022 will bring a whole new set of challenges as the recruiting world continues to evolve. We will continue to evolve too, and I have a huge amount of faith that our team will rise to the occasion. We are Fetcher strong! - Greg Drinkwater

I’m looking forward to continuing to grow the team. We want to continue to improve the product, build features to support enterprise, and improve the development cycle to ship more, and more often.
- Javier Castiarena

Thank you to Fetcher’s leadership team for sharing your insights on 2021 and what’s ahead for 2022. To our amazing clients, thank you for all the feedback and support you’ve provided us this year. We look forward to helping you make more great hires next year!

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