How to create a compelling careers page

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How to create a compelling careers page

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How to create a compelling careers page
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One of the best ways to improve your employer brand is to create a career page. Being active on career sites like LinkedIn can help you reach a new audience, but ultimately you own how your career page looks and feels.

Creating a captivating, clear career page is the perfect way to launch your employer brand. Below, we’ll cover the benefits of a career page, what you need to include on your career page, and some examples to get you started.

What are the benefits of a career page?

As finding candidates becomes more challenging, many organizations are investing in their employer brand to attract new talent. Career pages have a myriad of benefits for companies. Need more convincing? Here are a few things you can expect from investing in your career page:

Improve your employer brand

A solid career page is the cornerstone of a healthy employer brand.

Your career page can serve as a hub for your career-based content. Often companies share open roles on a career page, but content can beyond that.

For example, you might share:

  • Employee and customer testimonials

  • Blogs with interview tips and tricks

  • Social media feeds with your company’s career content.

By highlighting what your organization does for its employees, the community, and the industry, your career page builds a case for what will make working at your company different. When deciding on a company, employees need depth, and a career page can provide that.

The ability to find potential job seekers organically

Once you have a career page, you’ll be able to create content and build an organic presence for your job postings. Posting an opening to a job board can feel pay-to-play. You often have to spend money to boost your listings if you want more candidates and exposure.

You can optimize career pages for search engines to help you pull in more free job applications. You can integrate search terms that matter to your audience with keyword research. For example, if you recruit sales professionals in Phoenix, you can include keywords like “Phoenix sales jobs” in your page copy to attract ideal candidates. Sites like Google, Yahoo, and Bing can source hundreds of website visits each day.

Tracking and cheap retargeting

The tracking and retargeting options available with a career page make it easy to stay top-of-mind with relevant candidates. Working with your developers and or/your marketing team, you can add code or pixels to your website from sites like Facebook and Google. These pixels allow you to track who visits your site so you can retarget them with further ad campaigns.

Compared to other advertising methods, retargeting outperforms at generating lift. That means that after people are exposed to retargeting ads, they are more likely to search for terms associated with a brand. Lift means you’ve made an impact because people search for your brand and return to your site.

The must-have elements for your career page


Your people are your best asset, so you should highlight them. Most career sites are picture heavy. Include headshots, images of your team working, and even some shots that show your team’s personality. If you have the budget, you can take things further by including videos. Candidates want to envision what it’s like to work with your people. Don’t forget to showcase diversity in shapes, colors, genders, ages, and more.


Candidates want to work for companies that share their values. If you value curiosity and accountability, let your potential employees know that. Your values dictate how you work and support your team, and you want applicants who understand where your coming from and relate to you.

Day in the life

When a candidate goes to your career page, they are trying to envision what it’s like to work with you. Including some day in the life elements like employee testimonials can go a long way.

Check out Hubspot’s What We Work On section as an example:


This section of the Hubspot marketing careers page does a great job of giving a bit of insight into the life of a marketer at their organization.

Alternatively, you can create a blog or video series where employees can share what a typical day looks like for them.

No matter what your day in the life content looks like, it helps people imagine what their life would look like if they worked for your organization


Another must-have element for your company career page is a benefits section. According to research by Gallup, 64% of candidates feel that improvements in salary and benefits are very important. Therefore, companies should take up space on their career pages to dive into their benefits and what makes those additions unique or helpful.

Momentive’s career page has an entire section dedicated to benefits and perks. You don’t need to provide specific numbers on the careers page, as benefits might change based on the department. However, be as transparent as possible because this helps candidates envision themselves at your company.

Job openings

All company career sites need a straightforward way to search for and look at job opportunities. Once a candidate is ready to apply, they should have to jump through hoops to find an open position. Depending on your organization, you might feature openings at the top or bottom of the site. You shouldn’t bury the lede when it comes to job openings. The best career sites feature job openings first, with a button or a search bar, and then the page dives into what it’s like to work at their organization.

Easy application process

Lastly, you must have an easy application process. Your application should remove as many redundancies as possible. For example, you could:

  • Pull data like names and emails from social media accounts.

  • Remove any questions where you ask the same thing twice (for example, don't require that they fill in fields for their recent experience when they've already included a resume.)

  • Allow candidates to save their process and return later.

  • Break the application into stages instead of doing it all at once.

  • Optimize your application so it’s easy to complete on mobile devices.

Five career page examples



Etsy is a site that allows sellers to list handmade, vintage, and unique gifts. Etsy’s career page is simple but full of all the correct information. As soon as you land on the page, you see a photo that shares Etsy’s values. As you scroll, you see beautiful illustrations that convey what it’s like to work at Etsy, the benefits you’ll receive, and how other industry leaders perceive their organization.

McDonald's Corporate | Restaurants


McDonald’s has an interesting career story to tell. The fast-food empire has two career sites, one for restaurants and another for corporate careers. As you compare the two, you can immediately tell the end-user for each one. The restaurant site targets younger generations with videos, pictures, stories about the culture, and an emphasis on their education plan. Their corporate site is stiffer and meant for more established career seekers. However, both sites convey the McDonald’s brand well.



Salesforce, a cloud-based software company that helps businesses close more deals and impress customers, has created a career hub. Their careers page allows potential employees to watch videos, read stories, get to know potential team members, and immerse themselves in Salesforce life. With specific “we” statements, candidates can immediately understand what Salesforce is all about.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital


St. Jude is a children’s hospital located in Memphis, TN. Since St. Jude is a hospital, candidates must relocate to work there. St. Jude does a great job explaining who they are and helping candidates adjust to their new home right on their career page. This career site is simple, and it’s a great site to look for inspiration if you intend to keep things short and sweet.



The popular virtual meeting platform Zoom has built a dedicated career page that helps employees feel at home. Due to an accordion layout, Zoom can fit a ton of information on their career site without overwhelming job seekers. Zoom’s hiring process graphic fully prepares candidates for what to expect when applying. Finally, Zoom’s job alerts sign-up is an effective way to build a pipeline of potential candidates down the road.

Creating a captivating career page is within reach

No matter your current career page's shape, you can easily create a page that builds your organization’s employer brand. With a little planning, you’ll be able to design a page that reflects your brand and your current team, to help job seekers determine if they’d be a good fit. Look at other career pages for inspiration, and consider how you can implement some of the ideas you see on your career page.

Your company’s career page is the first step to resonating with potential employees. Schedule a demo with our team to see how you can automate manual, repetitive tasks so you can spend more time on brand building.

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