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October 6, 2022

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Executive searches come with a certain set of challenges. The executive hiring process is lengthier, on average taking four months and up to a full year.

Like any smart investment, hiring the right executive team member is worth the time and energy but it doesn’t have to be excessively costly or stressful. And now, recruiting platforms are paving the way for an even more efficient, elevated executive search. Below, members of Network for Good’s search committee share how they relied on Fetcher’s recruiting automation to bring about collaboration with the organization’s board and ultimately, hire their next CEO.

When Network for Good’s Board of Directors first started the conversation around hiring a CEO in 2020, they knew they’d have their work cut out for them. They were looking to bring on someone who would lead Network for Good’s expansion into the emerging Giving & Social Engagement market. They wanted CEO candidates from a diverse range of backgrounds, both demographically and professionally.

Danica Remy, Vice Chair at Network for Good and one of the board members overseeing the search, also recognized that they needed a way to communicate the opportunity quickly, while also giving each candidate the attention they deserved.

Wendy Bellus, an Executive Consultant, was also brought on to add another layer of expertise and experience to the search. Wendy said that she was concerned about relying on LinkedIn Recruiter for the CEO search, because there wasn’t one specific background that would be a fit for the role, making it a tedious process. On the other hand, she didn’t feel confident that a recruiting firm would deliver candidates that fell outside of specific parameters. They had to find a creative, strategic solution to sourcing that would also give them control over who they reached out to, and how. Danica suggested Fetcher.

The Solution: Efficient recruiting with human support

While Wendy was not sure if Fetcher would work for an executive position, Danica had already used Fetcher to find engineers in her full- time role as President of B612, and was impressed with the results.

“Through the email outreach tools, potential candidates are touched in a way that makes them feel like they’ve been noticed by somebody senior, as opposed to the recruiter,” says Danica.

And in the search for a CEO for Network for Good, a rapidly growing tech non-profit, she knew she needed to find a way to leave an impression on candidates. She wanted to take a different approach with Fetcher.

Fetcher ended up being a game changer. Once onboarded, Wendy found the training and support provided by her Customer Success Manager to be instrumental to the search’s success.

“I see the tool as a retained recruiter on steroids, who is given the power of the search engine. You get the benefit of both: technology and white glove service and support.” - Wendy Bellus

Beyond the personalized support, Danica emphasized that the ability to personalize email outreach through Fetcher helped Network for Good spark interest in the CEO role. Several candidates mentioned they were excited to be contacted directly by the Chair of the Board, which was all actually done via Fetcher. “Through the platform, you have an opportunity, in a few sentences, to hook them. You can communicate to them that this is an amazing opportunity - and that’s what our team did,” she added.

In less than 2 months, the search committee had a solid pipeline of promising candidates and could pause Fetcher’s auto-sourcing and focus on interviews.

The Results: Collaborating to select a candidate that meets their mission

After interviewing a number of candidates, they shared a handful of finalists with the rest of Network for Good’s Board and from there, officially made an offer to their top candidate, who had come from the Fetcher-sourced pipeline.

“I will never use an executive search firm again now that I’ve used Fetcher.“ - Danica Remy

In reflecting back on the search, Wendy noted that Fetcher’s timed batches of candidates created an opportunity to have an open dialogue about the search and what they were looking for on a regular basis with the search committee.

“Usually when you’re searching, the funnel at the top eventually narrows down to a small pool at the bottom and all the candidates look the same. [With Fetcher], it’s almost a cylinder, where you have a very wide top of funnel, and at the end, you can still have a wide choice of candidates. It really brought the board together to ask, “who is going to get us where we want to be?”

Fetcher presented Network for Good with candidates they wouldn’t have reached on their own, giving them a broader spectrum of candidates with diverse experiences, and ultimately leading to the hiring of a CEO that was ideal for their needs.

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