Fetcher's Recruiter Spotlight Series – June 2020

Fetcher Recruiter Spotlight: Virgginnia Buccioni-Hillmann

June 9, 2020

Virgginnia Buccioni-Hillmann
Virgginnia Buccioni-Hillmann, Bay Area-based Talent Acquisition Professional

Hello to our HR Tech family! This month, we’re honored to spotlight a talent acquisition professional who has a proven record of building and improving processes to help companies find the right talent when they need it, as well as orienting candidates on career advising and interviewing coaching.

Please meet Virgginnia Biccioni-Hillmann, whose current mission is to positively disrupt and improve startups’ strategies in hiring to make them streamlined and comprehensive, as well as including D&I protocols to empower companies and talent alike.

1. Virgginnia, what led you to select recruiting as your career?

I grew up in a family where the value of service and having a positive impact in others’ lives was instilled in me at a young age. As I progressed in the people operations world, I realized how impactful it was to bring the best talent to a company, help it grow, and also coach and help candidates’ effectively navigate job searching.

2. Having worked at a number of different startups throughout your career, what is your best advice to startups looking to hire top talent?

My best advice is to see through the lens of diversity. Bring in people from different walks of life, with different experiences & opinions, so your organization can enrich itself with a broad perspective of the world and in return, provide the best products possible.

3. What can companies do to ensure Diversity and Inclusion protocols are put in place, empowering these organizations to hire top-notch talent from underrepresented communities?

In order to have diversity, you must create an inclusive team to ensure retention. First, provide resources and nurture an environment where every member of the team is interested in learning, growing, and becoming an effective ally. Concurrently, promote a positive culture where all levels of employees feel empowered and unafraid to speak up and contribue with great ideas and collaborate in a meaningful manner.

As a leader, you must also have an open mind to see the hunger and determination, and be willing to bet on developing talent. Reach out to organizations, such as Techqueria, Women Who Code, and Out In Tech and seek education on how to recruit in communities that are under represented in tech. This is a fantastic way to tap into talent, as well as learn the unique wants and needs that diverse candidates have when joining a company.

4. As the current host of Techqueria’s Ask Me Anything series, what inspiration do you have for recruiters who are trying to navigate job searching throughout this crisis?

My best advice is: this is your time to network, to learn from one another, and to enrich yourself with knowledge. Take those courses you probably missed when the market was hot, reach out to others in the industry who you want to learn from, and keep going. You never know where you’ll land.

And I speak from personal experience because it happened to me, too. But just by the virtue of networking and reaching out to learn from the industry’s biggest D&I and recruiting voices, I landed a consulting gig after being laid off.

5. How did you learn about Fetcher? What’s your favorite feature in Fetcher?

I learned about Fetcher from my last startup. I love having a team back me up as a sourcing partner. This made my management of full-life recruting incredibly effective.

I also loved the messaging and follow up feature. Plus, my relationship with my Account Manager, Josef, has been so fantastic that we grew to become life-long friends!

6. What have you been doing to stay active & relieve stress throughout the quarantine?

I’ve been dedicating an hour every morning and every evening to be still and have my mind tell me what it needs to seize the day. Taking a moment to reflect and find gratitude in little things, and relying on my FitOn app free courses for fun movement activities and endorphine production, have been a lifesaver.

Virgginnia, thank you so much for your time and thoughtful responses. We appreciate all of your insights and tips. We’re so grateful to have you in the Fetcher Family!

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