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September 1, 2022

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Prior to moving into an HR role, GR0’s Vice President of People, Aaron Friedman, spent years as a software implementer in the healthcare industry. Eventually, he moved into a hiring manager role and started to understand the many facets of the recruiting process: sourcing, outreach, assessments, interviewing, etc. Somewhere along this journey, he realized that while he was still passionate about tech, his strengths and interests fell more on the People side.

This eventually led him to his current role with GR0, a digital advertising company. Aaron discovered Fetcher through his LinkedIn network, and was intrigued by the idea of sourcing outside of LinkedIn.

The Challenge: Overcoming LinkedIn Recruiter’s Steep Pricing & Competition

Aaron and his team primarily relied on LinkedIn Recruiter to source active and passive candidates. He found it incredibly limiting in terms of outreach, as LinkedIn only allowed 150 InMails a month per $9,000/ year recruiter seat. The biggest challenge for GR0’s three-person recruiting team was cutting through the InMail noise, in order to get in front of more qualified candidates.

“We’re competing with thousands of companies sending InMails on LinkedIn. We just weren’t seeing the return,” says Aaron.

The other major limitation of LinkedIn Recruiter is that InMail lacks automated outreach capabilities. Aaron wanted a way to send drip campaigns, without the hassle of setting manual follow-up reminders.

The Solution: Letting go of LinkedIn, and embracing recruiting automation

Aaron quickly wove Fetcher into the team’s workflows. In just four months, GR0’s recruiting strategy now exclusively revolves around Fetcher; they use it daily to engage new and nurtured candidates, and even just to connect with candidates on LinkedIn, through the link provided in each Fetcher candidate profile.

They’ve been able to make the platform their own by creating personalized email templates, A/B testing emails to determine what resonates with candidates, and adding diversity sourcing criteria to the searches.

The ability to create and send automated email sequences has been the biggest game-changer, according to Aaron.

“You set it, and you forget it, and it does its magic. That’s why our open rates and reply rates are what they are,” he adds.

Fetcher’s integration with Lever, GR0’s current ATS, is also much stronger than what they had previously with LinkedIn. It takes just a second to move an interested candidate over to Lever, even when the GR0 team self-sources candidates they found on LinkedIn via Fetcher’s Chrome extension.

The Results: Lower recruiting budget, higher ROI, and happier recruiters

When GR0’s CFO expressed his doubt about replacing LinkedIn Recruiter with Fetcher, Aaron already had plenty to show in terms of Fetcher’s value. GR0 has significantly expanded their outreach through automated, personalized email sequences with average open rates at 98% and average response rates of 29%. In the first four months with Fetcher, GR0 made five hires, and Aaron says he anticipates reaching up to 12 hires by the six month mark.

“Fetcher has shown us that we can rely almost exclusively on passive candidates, and be successful that way,” Aaron adds. “We couldn’t go without Fetcher at this point, it’s absolutely essential.”

In addition to a strong ROI, relying on Fetcher for sourcing is saving GR0 thousands of dollars because they don’t need to renew their LinkedIn Recruiter seats. With Fetcher’s pricing being based on leads sourced, rather than on users, GR0 is able to cut down on their budget, while also giving hiring managers and other stakeholders a clearer view of the talent pipeline.

“We’re taking what we were doing in LinkedIn Recruiter, and just doing it better in Fetcher. It’s become the actual faucet for us as full-cycle recruiters,” adds Aaron.

Aaron’s background in tech has paid off in building an efficient tech stack for his team, with Fetcher as the foundation for top-of-funnel tasks. With the right tools in place, GR0’s recruiters can build workflows based on their priorities and goals, and focus on the overall candidate experience.

“Our tech stack makes sourcing and recruiting at GR0 more fun than at other companies, and it adds a ton of visibility and accountability to the process. I think moving away from LinkedIn Recruiter is a trend that a lot of recruiters will follow. It’s a no-brainer for me,” says Aaron.

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Why automated sourcing vs manual sourcing on LinkedIn?

It’s the norm, but there are several major drawbacks to relying solely on LinkedIn to source talent:

Win with automated sourcing & outreach through Fetcher

With Fetcher’s recruiting automation:

  • We source candidates tailored to your exact criteria, so you don’t have to search through the same database, just to surface the same candidates as your competitors. By providing personal email addresses, you can reach candidates directly in their inboxes, which are checked multiple times a day.

  • Send personalized, consistent outreach messages that catch candidates’ attention and speak to their unique experiences and qualifications. And with unlimited number of email sends, Fetcher is a much more cost effective way to reach talent.

  • With email, you own the candidate contact information and communication channel directly. If the initial role you reach out about doesn’t work for them, you have their email and are able to send nurture campaigns to maintain the relationship. Email allows for affordable and effective re-engagement and long-term relationships with candidates.

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