Scout becomes Fetcher and other Exciting News

Reflecting on a year of growth, for us and for our clients

It’s been a wild and exciting ride since we announced the launch of our company last February. We wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year, and also update our customers and partners on some big developments:

Over 150 Companies Use Scout to Scale
In the past year, we have helped over 150 organizations scale their teams. Our clients range from stealth-mode startups to non-profits to the Fortune 50 and everything in between. While many folks partnered with us for technical hiring, we also identify talent for a huge breadth of job descriptions ranging from “Sous Chef” to “Android Engineer” to “Chief Marketing Officer.” If your ideal candidates exist online, we can probably find them! Over the past year we have worked with some of the fastest-growing, most innovative companies including Lyft, DoorDash, Peloton, Opendoor, Eventbrite, DigitalOcean and many, many more.

6x Revenue Growth
Our revenue has grown 6x over the past year and we continue to see double digit monthly revenue growth per month.

More than Doubled our Team
Over the past 12 months, we have grown our team from 40 to 91, while adding some incredible executive talent including our Chief Customer Officer, Korneel Bouman, who ran Customer Success for Stack Overflow, and another soon-to-be-announced executive. We use our technology platform for our own recruiting. Leveraging our own platform to scale our company keeps us close to our product and intimately aware of our key strengths and areas for improvement.

Additional Venture Investment
In January, we raised additional funding from Revel Partners and Picus Capital to support the growth of our engineering, sales and marketing efforts.

Over 100 Million Candidate Profiles
We’ve grown our proprietary candidate database to over 100 million unique and robust candidate profiles, which gives us the breadth to support almost any search.


Talent Platform Quietly Launched
We quietly launched our Talent platform to enable job seekers to identify themselves for new opportunities. While we remain focussed on our hiring partners, we think there is incredible opportunity for our technology to remove friction from BOTH sides of the labor market.

An Event Series for Founders and Talent Leaders
We launched an event series to help build community in our hometown of Manhattan, as well as in San Francisco. We partnered with Thrive Global to bring the event Building Conscious Leaders and Mindful Workplaces to our community in Manhattan, and joined forces with Airbnb and Greenhouse to help founders and talent leaders in San Francisco Combat Unconscious Bias in Order to Build More Diverse and Inclusive Workplaces. Our goal with these events is to foster a trusted community who can share best practices, tactical tips and war stories.

airbnb panel

Leveraging AI to put the Human back into Human Resources
By leveraging machine learning algorithms, we have been able to give recruiters, founders and hiring managers back their time so they can focus on the parts of recruiting that have meaningful impact: building relationships with promising candidates. Using our technology, our clients typically save 90% of the hours it takes to source qualified talent.

An Affordable and Effective Solution for Addressing Diversity
Did you know we can help find diverse hires? We love when customers ask us to help fill their funnel with diverse applicants, and we are thrilled that so many companies have partnered with us to find incredible talent across a range of backgrounds.

New Product Features
We’ve added a number of product features and improvements to streamline our platform and reduce the friction of hiring:

  • Fully automated candidate outreach
  • Automated candidate follow-ups
  • Integrations with major Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) including: Lever, Greenhouse, Smashfly and Compass
  • Integration with Slack

A Slack integration to fit into your team’s collaborative workflow.

Changing our Name to Fetcher
We are officially changing our name from Scout to Fetcher. While we LOVED the Scout name, it turns out there are several other companies with a similar name who feel equally enamored with it. To avoid continued confusion for our customers and prospective customers, we decided it was necessary to change our name. Scout was named after our co-founder Chris’ beloved dog, and we believe Fetcher pays tribute to those roots (in fact, our new logo is a networked pup!).

fetcher logo primary horizontal blue

The name Fetcher also captures the essence of why we exist. Our mission is to partner with you to help you find (or fetch!) the best candidates for your organization. While we will most definitely miss Scout, we hope that you will start to like our new name as well.. New names always feel a bit wonky at first, but give it a minute to soak in and you may start to like it. We certainly do.

Oh, and we promise we won’t try to make “Fetch” a thing!

A warm and humble thank you to our incredible employees, customers, investors, advisors and friends who have supported us on our journey. We want to make you proud.

Thank you,

Andres, Chris and Genevieve

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