End of Year Reflection: Why Did You Become a Recruiter?

What makes your recruiting career meaningful?

December 22, 2020


As we wrap up another year, it’s common to reflect on your decisions, goals, and what lies ahead. For our recruiter friends, do you remember why you became a recruiter and what drives you each day? There are so many wonderful reasons to become a recruiter. If we had to guess, your people skills are probably a big factor in why this career is right for you, given a recruiter’s success depends heavily on a strong connection with candidates and hiring managers.

As a recruiter you get to participate in rewarding experiences like…

  • Networking with hiring managers and top talent and acting as a matchmaker
  • Spending time getting to know your candidates’ hopes and plans for their futures
  • Coaching clients on how to navigate their job searches and crush their interviews
  • Helping build companies by bolstering their staff with all-star employees
  • Helping others find joy and success in their own lives!

Building trust and strong relationships with candidates improves the overall candidate experience, which then increases the likelihood of them landing the job of their dreams. Building these meaningful relationships is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a recruiter but, like any job, there are other aspects that are less fulfilling, but still essential.

That said, in order to engage in all of the meaningful actions mentioned above, first, you have to find and reach candidates. Sourcing candidates manually is monotonous and time-consuming, but absolutely necessary if you want to be successful. Finding the right candidate means hours spent online searching LinkedIn and other career sites, sifting through resumes, finding contact information, and sending outreach emails. The average recruiter spends 13 hours a week manually sourcing candidates for just one role. And after initial sourcing and outreach is completed, you then have to send out follow up emails! And of course, most recruiters find it beneficial to review the results of this outreach in order to analyze performance and maximize the impact of your output, which means crunching numbers and strategizing for the future.


So how do you minimize your time spent on these monotonous tasks so you can get back to what matters most, engaging with candidates? Recruiting automation technology, like Fetcher, is the answer. Fetcher allows you to source while you sleep. All you have to do is upload your job description and input some initial feedback, then the AI-powered platform finds you top talent and delivers the best profiles to your inbox for review. With Fetcher, your initial and follow-up emails are automated, yet personalized, so you don’t have to worry about sounding like a robot. With Fetcher you can send 150+ emails in just an hour vs. the 10+ hours needed to do this manually.

If AI makes you uneasy, rest assured that Fetcher’s unique ‘human in the loop’ feature will catch any error that might sneak through the automation. And we know you’ll still want to source manually, as you know your company and culture best! But now when you do source manually, you can maximize your time and effort. Fetcher’s one-click web extension allows recruiters to capture candidate information on the web in an instant. Additionally, you no longer need to spend time reviewing your data or making guesses as to how you are performing, as Fetcher provides real-time analytics and performance stats. Using Fetcher saves you valuable time and lets you focus on more meaningful tasks like working on your hiring strategy, collaborating with your team, and building a better candidate experience.

Imagine having hours back each day to focus on your favorite parts of the job! And not only will you be happier in a more strategic, people-centered role, but improving the candidate experience also benefits your entire organization, too! As you know, every step matters from the application to the offer letter. In fact, 83% of talent reported a negative interview experience will deter them from taking a role at a company they once liked. That’s a huge percentage! With less time spent sourcing, you can spend time with all parties involved in the hiring process to make sure the importance of a positive experience is known, helping to ensure your candidates are being set up for success. Talent is what makes a company great, and focusing more on the candidate experience will ensure top talent with every hire!


As a recruiter, your day to day is busy! Make it a goal in 2021 to no longer spend hours scouring the internet to find the right talent. At Fetcher, we want to give you time back to focus on what matters, connecting with your candidates and hiring managers and making sure they have the best experience possible. Spending less time sourcing manually and more time engaging with real people is not only rewarding, but also strengthens your organization and benefits your career as a recruiter. Get back to why you became a recruiter. Check out Fetcher today and enjoy a more robust, fulfilling (and hopefully all around better) 2021!

From all of us at Fetcher…
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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At Fetcher, our mission is to introduce companies to the people who will help them change the world. Our full-service, recruting automation platform automates those repetitive, top-of-funnel tasks, so you can focus more on candidate engagement & team collaboration. Simplify Sourcing. Optimize Outreach. Hire Top Talent. Learn more at fetcher.ai.

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