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How Bevi accelerated its outbound recruiting with Fetcher

How Bevi accelerated its outbound recruiting with Fetcher

Bevi overcame executive sourcing challenges with Fetcher, filling 25% of roles across departments.

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TL;DR: Bevi overcame executive sourcing challenges with Fetcher's efficient platform, effortlessly filling 25% of roles across departments.


The challenge

The solution

The result


Filling executive roles with a lean team

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, Bevi, known for its innovative water dispensers, faced a common challenge – finding the right candidates for executive roles with a small recruiting team.

However, their story took an exciting turn when Kristen Albertsen, Bevi’s VP of People Operations, discovered Fetcher.

Let’s explore how Fetcher became a trusted ally, quickly allowing Bevi to fill a quarter of their roles across various departments.

The challenge

Finding the time for thoughtful sourcing of passive talent

Bevi’s VP of People Operations, Kristen Albertsen, has always had a lean recruiting team. Even in growth mode, she had one dedicated recruiter responsible for sourcing passive candidates.

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With a continuously growing team, the water dispenser company had to source quickly to reach its aggressive pipeline goals. Especially for high-profile executive roles, this proved to be a challenge because the number of active applicants Kristen typically received for C-suite positions was lower than for other roles.

“We don’t have a lot of time to do outbound sourcing for passive candidates, who are often the most talented,” says Kristen.

The solution

Empowering hiring managers with interested, engaged candidates

Bevi’s first partnered with Fetcher in 2018, shortly before Kristen came on board and took ownership of the platform. Kristen says that, from day one, Fetcher has been a true partner in outbound sourcing.

Bevi’s leaders understand the importance of recruiting. Filling open roles thoughtfully and quickly is among their top priorities. Fetcher allows hiring managers to stay heavily engaged with the process and promptly spark conversations with auto-sourced candidates.

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“Fetcher allows us to construct email campaigns that come from the CEO, COO, or the VP of Software, for instance, that go directly to candidates’ inboxes,” she adds. “The response rate is much higher than it would be from a recruiter.”

The result

An efficient platform elevated by a strong partnership

With automated recruiting, Bevi has increased the volume of qualified talent coming into its pipeline without adding to sourcing time or headcount. This efficiency initially surprised Kristen.

“Having 20 high-quality candidates in your inbox for review each week with minimal effort on the hiring manager’s side is tremendous. For a recruiter, that would take 15 to 30 minutes per lead - roughly 10 hours a week,” Kristen says.

She also attributes her team’s success to the strong support from Fetcher’s team. Whether providing thought leadership for challenging roles or proactively creating new searches, she’s been able to rely on a responsive, hands-on Fetcher team to ensure success.

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Full-time, long-term sourcing support

Bevi has used Fetcher to fill 25% of its open roles, including C-suite executives and VPs. However, it’s not limited to high-level hires; Kristen points out that there’s not a department at Bevi that doesn’t include at least one Fetcher hire.

“From people operations, finance, software and engineering, sales – I’m certain I can point to every single function and say they have a Fetcher hire,” says Kristen.

Fetcher is now an integral part of Bevi’s long-term recruiting strategy. Despite the ups and downs of the talent landscape, Kristen says Fetcher has continued to show its value and help Bevi adapt to the company’s needs and goals.


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