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How Temedica hires for excellence while reducing bias

How Temedica hires for excellence while reducing bias

With Fetcher, Temedica’s TA team is progressing towards its goal of engaging quality candidates while reducing the bias in its recruiting process.

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Temedica works with patients, life science companies, pharmacies, healthcare providers and other critical healthcare stakeholders to aggregate data and employ artificial intelligence to offer easy access to the latest and most relevant health insights.




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TL;DR: Temedica is elevating its talent pool with Fetcher’s personalized email outreach sequences, while ensuring they are minimizing bias in the hiring process.


The challenge

The solution

The result


Living your core values

In the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition, Temedica, a health insights company headquartered in Munich, embarked on a mission in 2023 to reshape its approach to recruitment. Florian Meister, Head of Talent Acquisition, had a clear vision – emphasize candidate quality over quantity and combat bias at the top of the hiring funnel. As the company continued to grow in a cutting-edge industry, it was essential to elevate the caliber of talent entering Temedica’s ranks.

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Diversity and inclusion were not just buzzwords for Florian and his team; they were core values. They recognized the inherent bias in traditional CV assessments and sought innovative ways to minimize it. The solution to their goals came from Fetcher.

Let’s delve into Temedica’s journey towards enhancing its talent pool, reducing bias, and achieving recruiting excellence with the help of personalized outreach and alignment with hiring managers.

The challenge

Emphasizing quality while reducing hiring bias

Temedica has a growing team in a cutting-edge industry. Florian wasn’t necessarily looking for automated sourcing solutions in 2022. However, his goal for 2023 was to develop a recruiting strategy that prioritized the quality of candidates over quantity. With that goal in mind, he realized they needed to innovate with prospects to help Temedica elevate its talent pool.

Diversity and inclusion are also paramount to his team’s values and goals. He and Anna Hauner, one of Temedica’s Recruiters, recognized that they could do more to minimize bias at the top of their hiring funnel.

“If Anna and I look at a CV, we are automatically biased in the way we look at it. It is impossible to get that bias out of our heads constantly,” adds Florian.

The solution

Personalized email outreach & alignment with hiring managers

Florian was approached by a connection about Fetcher’s potential to reduce the resources Temedica would need for sourcing. Him and Anna scheduled a call to learn more and see Fetcher in action.

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They were impressed by the personal email addresses and rich profiles that Fetcher provides for each sourced candidate. Anna notes that getting in touch with candidates through their personal email is something they couldn’t do previously, and now, it allows them to connect with more candidates.

Fetcher delivered on quality and brought more attention to Temedica’s roles through email outreach. Anna and her team also discovered that the process with Fetcher streamlined their communication with hiring managers and opened their eyes to talent they would not have considered otherwise.

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The result

A quality talent pool packed with potential

With Fetcher, Temedica’s TA team is progressing towards its goal of engaging quality candidates while reducing the bias in its recruiting process. Florian notes that actively targeting candidates for specific criteria leads them to better fits in the later hiring stages.

“The algorithm is so narrowed down that the 3-5 people we take away from it and interview are very well fitted to what we are looking for as a company,” he adds.

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Plus, sourcing for nontraditional backgrounds and underrepresented candidates has increased the diversity they see throughout the funnel.

“Fetcher helps to build our talent pools and fill the pipeline in an unbiased way – so the whole hiring process is less biased than it was,” says Anna.



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