Reach your Goals as a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leader

Save time and streamline your diversity hiring strategy

Fetcher’s automated sourcing platform removes bias from the sourcing process and customizes results based on what diversity hiring means to you.


Reduce bias at the sourcing stage to discover diverse, qualified talent

Fetcher helps ensure the right hire doesn’t pass you by! Our automated sourcing platform pulls a diverse range of qualified candidates into your pipeline every time.


Customize your searches to fit your unique diversity hiring needs

Whether you have specific diversity hiring goals, or just want to ensure you engage with more underrepresented talent, our platform and team can work with you to refine your search criteria to meet your goals.


Track diversity metrics throughout the funnel

Knowledge is power. Fetcher’s diversity analytics allow you to understand the overall gender and ethnicity makeup of your candidate pipeline so you can continue to adjust and improve your sourcing & outreach accordingly.

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