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Client Reviews of Fetcher’s Recruiting Automation Platform

Our mission at Fetcher is the same today as it was when we launched in 2017; introduce companies to the people who will help them change the world. The vision we’ve carried with us since our inception is to create the easiest, most efficient, and most loved hiring platform. While there have been many iterations on the platform to realize our goals, the heart of the company has remained true to the mission that drove us to create Fetcher.

As you’ll hear in the video, the special sauce behind Fetcher is our unique combination of machine learning paired with the expertise of a team of human researchers, recruiters and customer success managers. The way our team works as a whole has given us the ability to diversify pipelines by having Fetcher find those needle-in-a-haystack candidates our clients otherwise wouldn’t have discovered.

Jayni Shah
Jayni Shah of Accomplice highlights the importance of a diverse workforce.

Affordable Diversity at Scale

Jayni Shah of Accomplice Ventures, an investor in Fetcher, highlights how important diversity is to the health of her portfolio companies and how Fetcher is able to affordably build out diverse pipelines at scale. The road to a truly diverse pipeline can be especially difficult if the goal is to fill a role in a market our client’s do not typically recruit. Seth Welty, former Head of Diversity at Citibank was able to overcome this challenge by working with his customer success manager to find great candidates in the Southeast Asia market — a completely new market for Seth. Seth was pleasantly surprised to learn Fetcher is able to reach around the globe to find the perfect candidates. Fetcher’s commitment to helping our customers build more inclusive workspaces is at the forefront of our sourcing efforts and stories like Seth’s are a testament to how being intentional in our hiring practices and relentless in our discovery process can lead to positive outcomes for our customers. Searches for the right people can normalize positive outcomes.

Jono Millin
Jono Millin of DroneDeploy on finding talent for hard-to-fill roles.

Success with Hard-to-fill Roles

It is also true that finding the right person can be increasingly difficult depending on the role. Jono Millin, Co-founder of DroneDeploy, was one of our first clients and has made 13 hires with Fetcher across design, engineering, product, and sales, including some hard-to-fill engineering management roles. No matter the region or specificity of the role, Fetcher works 24/7 to unearth candidates across multiple disciplines and markets. Fetcher has enabled DroneDeploy to save 75% per hire, which allows DroneDeploy to hire more people for their rapidly growing team!

Mary Lou Jepsen of Openwater on hiring C-suite executives.

A Fraction of the Cost

Hiring more people does not have to equate to more fees. When building out robust pipelines at scale, companies need to be able to retain runway by focusing their budgets on competitive salaries, not agency fees. Mary Lou Jepson of OpenWater shares her story of saving over $100,000 in agency fees in hiring a C-suite executive. With Fetcher, she was able to fill this critical role for literally a tiny fraction of the cost which frees up her capital to spend more on building innovative technology that will change the face of medical imaging.

Stop Searching, Start Connecting

Email outreach to potential new hires can be tedious and eat up valuable time in a recruiter’s day. We have seen a significant reduction in the time our clients are spending on our platform thanks to the addition of several automation features. What we have also learned is that recruiters and hiring teams don’t want to spend their limited time scouring the web for prospective candidates. The real value add for our clients is spending their time connecting with amazing people and welcoming them into their organizations. At Fetcher we want to help recruiters recapture the parts of the job they love. Fetcher does the heavy lifting of taking on the most tedious and time-consuming aspects of a recruiters day, which we’ve found can be as high as 80% spent solely sourcing candidates!

Reclaim hours in your day

Fetcher is committed to remove the tedious tasks in a recruiters day so you can get back to connecting with great talent. We hope that hearing from the people who have experienced the advantages of the Fetcher platform inspires more people to take the leap and allow Fetcher to do what we do best, introduce you to the people that will help you achieve your organization’s mission.

Thank You!

Our entire team was incredibly honored and humbled to hear what our customers had to say. We hope to bring you many more amazing customer stories in the future. A huge thank you to everyone who participated in this project, you’re the real MVPs!

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