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How Catalyst built better connections & ROI

How Catalyst built better connections & ROI

Leading customer success platform, Catalyst, finds recruiting success with Fetcher.

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TL;DR: By using Fetcher to build a pipeline, Catalyst was able to add to its engineering team and have a fuller bottom-of-funnel for a variety of roles.


The challenge

The solution

The result


Shaking up recruiting at a start-up

As Catalyst’s Director of Recruiting, Brooke Lesner loves the creativity and innovation that building a recruiting strategy at a start-up entails. However, she admittedly used to be more old-school in her approach when it comes to automation and recruiting. For recruiting at a growing company in a highly competitive space, she knew she’d have to expand and expedite candidate sourcing and outreach. She saw a post about Fetcher from a connection and decided to learn more.

The challenge

Finding a human-centric sourcing tool

Brooke and her lean team had hard-to-fill roles, primarily in engineering, product, and design. Previously, they had relied on LinkedIn Recruiter but now needed a more deliberate, targeted way to reach in-demand candidates for these technical roles.

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In researching sourcing tools, she discovered that it was difficult to find one that was consultative – many provided access to platforms but didn’t offer much support. She also wanted to ensure the search process was nuanced and human-driven for diversity sourcing.

The solution

The perfect mix of automation & human support

Catalyst began using Fetcher in August 2021, and Brooke was quickly impressed by the rate at which Fetcher refined each candidate search based on the feedback her team provided on each candidate batch they received. Catalyst also found Fetcher to be much more than a tool.

Of course, customer success is Catalyst’s focus, and from the first call, Brooke recognized that the level of support at Fetcher was unlike what she had seen with other sourcing platforms. Their dedicated Customer Success Manager proactively reached out to check in and provide recommendations throughout each search.

“The more detailed feedback we left, the more refined the searches got, so we felt very encouraged to leave very specific feedback,” she adds.

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A nuanced approach to diversity recruiting

Brooke takes diversity hiring very seriously – she requires interview training for everyone in the hiring process. One of her favorite features of Fetcher is the ability to define the types of diversity they are looking for within each search.

In the backend, Fetcher leverages a team of internal sourcers to vet the platform’s search results, meaning candidate diversity is guided by humans and AI rather than AI alone.

“Some forms of diversity are more evident than others. There’s no perfect formula or way to see everything, and [Fetcher] was the least automated process. Collaboration was key too, and I knew diversity was just as important to the Fetcher team,” says Brooke.

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The result

More human connection, better ROI

Catalyst’s recruiting team saw a bump in their response rates due to Fetcher’s automated, personalized outreach, which was set up to be sent from hiring managers.

“Fetcher actually broke my resistance to sending out templated emails. I feel more confident in doing so having used Fetcher because I saw the way that it worked so well,” adds Brooke.

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In using Fetcher to build a pipeline, Catalyst was able to add to its engineering team and have a fuller bottom-of-funnel for a variety of roles, from Senior Product Manager to Front-End Engineer.

Fetcher’s commitment to building a partnership allowed Catalyst to maximize its return on investment. “It seemed like the Fetcher team really cared not only that we were on the platform but also that we actually got the most value from it,” says Brooke.


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