Your Personalized Outreach, Optimized for Success

Double your response rates.

Create automated email follow ups, sent from yourself or the hiring manager, and respond to interested candidates quickly.

Personalized Outreach

Custom templates for every open position

For each open position, customize your email messaging and add in personalization to engage each candidate.

Custom Templates

Increase response rates

Double response rates with our easy-to-use, automated email sequencing tool. Send follow ups from anyone in your company, at any time of day, all with the click of a button.

Increase Response Rates

No more copy-pasting with response templates

Spend less time crafting one-off email replies with our interested response templates. Create a standard response template, and then customize as needed and send. Reach candidates first.

Interested Response Templates

Respond before your competition

We know how busy your inbox gets. Stay on top of all candidate responses and ensure replies are always sent with our reminders tab. Impress candidates with quick turnaround times.

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