Funnel Forecasting Calculator

How many candidates do you need to email to make a hire? How are you benchmarking against industry standards? Find out now with our Funnel Forecasting Calculator!

How does it work?

Fetcher’s Funnel Forecasting Calculator is easy to use. Just follow the steps…

Step 1: Determine how many hires you plan to make this year.
Step 2: Select which type(s) of open roles are currently active.
Step 3: Select where you are hiring.
Step 4: Indicate how many interested candidates you’d like to receive per search.
NOTE: average # of interested candidates needed for one hire: 8-10.

Using Fetcher’s historical data, the Funnel Forecasting Calculator will estimate the number of prospects you need to source & email for your desired interested candidate response rate. You can then use this information to benchmark your outreach results against industry standards, as well as determine the resources you need for upcoming searches.

For instance, say you email 20 prospects for an engineering position in San Francisco. According to Fetcher’s extensive data, you should receive roughly 3 responses. If you’ve only received 1 response, you should review your job description, salary range, and/or benefits, as these could be causing your response rates to fall below average.

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