Introducing Fetcher's enhanced Amplify plan: choose leads OR interviews

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Introducing Fetcher's enhanced Amplify plan: choose leads OR interviews

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Introducing Fetcher's Amplify Plan with Interviews
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Today, we're thrilled to unveil the latest evolution of Fetcher's Amplify plan, designed to supercharge your talent acquisition efforts.

Building upon the success customers have seen with Amplify, which combines AI with our expert sourcing team, we're launching Amplify with Interviews. This new plan is the next step in automation that expands our support for full-funnel recruitment while providing you more flexibility to hire exactly how you want to.

We’re offering a special deal for hiring managers this April. Reach out to learn how you could save up to 30%.

Introducing Amplify with Interviews

With Amplify with Interviews, finding your next superstar is as easy as ordering your morning coffee. Our expert sourcing team does the heavy lifting, letting you skip the sourcing process and dive straight into meaningful candidate interactions.

We're talking about qualified and screened candidates lining up for interviews, ready to impress. You can now easily book interviews without sifting through cold leads or heaps of unqualified inbound talent. It's a perfect solution for busy hiring managers and bandwidth-strapped recruiters who value efficiency and want to build relationships with the best candidates rather than searching for them.

And here's the real kicker: not only is it efficient, but it's also the most affordable full-funnel recruitment platform on the market. You'll see major savings on each hire compared to the conventional staffing firms. Just take a look at these estimates:

  • 60% Savings per hire @ $75K Salary
  • 80% Savings per hire @ $150K Salary
  • 85% Savings per hire @ $200K Salary

Imagine what you could do with those extra dollars in your budget!

Amplify with Interviews

Here's how it works (It’s simple, really)

With Amplify with Interviews, we've streamlined the process into 4 simple steps:

  1. Set Criteria: Get started in a snap - instantly parse your job description to create a position and set your search criteria.

  2. Find Talent: We’re on it - we'll search and do candidate outreach for you, finding only the best candidates that fit the bill.

  3. Approve: Only talk to who you want to - once prospects express interest in your position, their profiles are sent for your approval. Approved candidates receive screening emails and are tagged for your follow-up.

  4. Interview: Your time to shine - screened candidates seamlessly connect with hiring managers through introductory emails, simplifying the scheduling process.

This structured approach, combined with our user-friendly AI tools, ensures a smooth and organized hiring experience for all parties from start to finish.

Benefits of Amplify with Interviews

  • Gigantic diverse talent pool (over 1 billion profiles from hundreds of data sources)
  • Remarkably affordable (60%-85% savings vs. traditional staffing)
  • 3x faster time to interested candidates
  • Interview-ready candidates in as quick as a week
  • Total control over your pipeline
  • Top-rated real human support & sourcing team
  • Flexible for organizations of all shapes and sizes

If you're ready to streamline your hiring process and unlock unparalleled efficiency, Amplify with Interviews is the solution you've been waiting for. Whether you're a startup looking for a competitive edge while growing strategically or a large enterprise seeking to reduce chaos and stay on budget, we've got you covered when it comes to saving time and resources.

Have questions? Ready to jump on board? Shoot us an email at We're here to make your hiring dreams a reality.

Happy hiring! 😊

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