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Discovering Underrepresented Candidates through Recruiting Automation

October 28, 2021


Much is written about the benefits of diversity hiring, and more than half of employers say that a top DE&I concern is adopting more diverse hiring tactics. However, organizations are still struggling to implement realistic action plans to bring on more underepresented candidates. Tedious manual sourcing, minimizing unconscious bias, and maintaining interest from diverse candidates all have the potential to interfer or slow down the recruiting process.

How can organizations prioritize diversity hiring, and ensure that their talent acquisition funnel doesn’t hit major bottlenecks?

For organizations of all sizes, using technology thoughtfully is key. While 47% of organizations have reportedly implemented technology to help reduce unconscious bias in their recruiting and hiring, there’s still a lot of work to do. Sharing best practices and examples of strategies that work is one way to demonstrate that diversity hiring is worth investing in, both for the bottom line and for the good of the people at your company. logo small

Below, we take a look at the challenges faced in diversity hiring and how automated recruiting technology helped them overcome these challenges to strengthen and diversify their team.

The Challenge: Sourcing for Diversity Without Slowing Down Growth

As a rapidly growing tech company, is constantly hiring, with diversity hiring being a top priority since it is deeply rooted in their values. While the team receives many referrals & inbound applicants, they know that sourcing for each role is necessary to ensure a strong pipeline of diverse, high quality candidates. Prior to utilizing Fetcher, Sr. Director of Talent and DE&I, Anna Chalon, and her recruiting team were spread thin, and were spending countless hours sourcing for all open roles in order to build a diverse pipeline.

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The Solution: Increasing Bandwidth through Intuitive Recruiting Automation

Anna knew that sourcing was essential in building a diverse talent pipeline, but that her and her team were overextended, so she turned to Fetcher for help. Anna and her team utilized Fetcher’s AI + Human-in-the-Loop feature to analyze thousands of profiles for every search, allowing them to build a robust pipeline of diverse, qualified candidates, without needing more time in the day. After identifying great talent, Fetcher made it easy to engage via email, sending automated, personalized messages to prospects. Fetcher gave the bandwidth to source for all their open roles and send more outreach than they could ever manage manually.

“Fetcher has freed up time and given us the capacity to diversify our pipeline more organically. This has allowed us to make some incredible hires, mostly from underrepresented groups, over the last year.” - Anna Chalon, Sr. Director of Talent and DE&I

The Results: Building a Robust, Diverse Pipeline in Weeks

Using Fetcher, Anna and her team were able to build a robust, diverse pipeline in just a few weeks. Best of all, in under 12 months, Fetcher helped hire 11 new employees, 9 of which (82%) were women and/or underrepresented minorities. “With Fetcher, we were able to build a better pipeline with no more effort from our team,” said Anna.

Furthermore, “When it came to choosing a platform, pricing was an important consideration for us. With Fetcher, the value we gain compared to its price is huge. We’re growing really quickly and Fetcher has become an integral part of our hiring strategy. The return on investment (ROI) we get from it is really high.”

Diversity Hiring: What You Can Do Now

As the first point of contact for many job seekers, recruiters are at the forefront of the movement to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion at their organizations. As in Anna’s case, more talent acquisition roles are being directly tied into DE&I initiatives. Even if expanding DE&I doesn’t fall directly on your plate, candidate advocacy and experience does, and these areas are key to creating a welcoming, inclusive workplace.

If your company hasn’t at least started the conversation about the below diversity initiatives, it may be up to you to lead the way:

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