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How Magnite prioritized sustainable growth with automated recruiting

How Magnite prioritized sustainable growth with automated recruiting

The advertising platform Magnite uses Fetcher’s automated sourcing and outreach capabilities to expand its global team without overextending its lean recruiting team.

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TL;DR: Fetcher allowed Magnite to experience more efficient sourcing and candidate engagement. When pitted against LinkedIn, Fetcher achieved a remarkable 90% response rate during a comparative experiment.


The challenge

The solution

The result


Global ambitions with limited resources

Magnite’s six-person talent acquisition team faced the formidable task of sourcing candidates for 20 global offices spanning the U.S., Europe, and Singapore.

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2018 found them relying on LinkedIn Recruiter and third-party job boards, grappling with budget constraints and time limitations. The absence of dedicated sourcers and the need to sift through unqualified candidates hindered their search for exceptional talent.

The challenge

The search for an intuitive, efficient method of sourcing

As Magnite’s recruiting initiatives grew, People Business Partner Nihal Solomon recognized a need to look into tools that could automate the sourcing process and still deliver great candidates. He also found that recruiting for hard-to-fill roles through traditional channels wasn’t practical, slowing Magnite’s growth.

The solution

Fetcher empowers Magnite’s lean recruiting team

Nihal implemented Fetcher in 2019 when the company was still called Rubicon Project. He quickly saw that Fetcher’s automated sourcing tool was the missing piece, especially with their highly competitive, hard-to-fill roles. It’s been easy for Nihal’s team to learn and adapt the platform to their company’s needs, even as it underwent three mergers and a rebranding to become Magnite.

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Now, with Fetcher, the recruiters spend just a few minutes reviewing batches of candidate profiles, providing feedback, and adding them to an outreach sequence. Nihal said it’s not a platform they need to manage much, so they can spend more time on their overall processes and not on sourcing. “It’s simple to use but powerful,” he added.

The result

Opening the doors to global growth through more efficient hiring

Magnite has expanded the number of searches they use Fetcher for due to the success they saw early on. Nihal knew Fetcher was effective for engineering roles. Still, they rely on Fetcher to discover talent for various roles, from directors to account executives to project managers and more.

“Fetcher has become a part of who we are as recruiters,” added Nihal. Using Fetcher has also had positive results for Magnite’s candidate engagement.

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Early on, Nihal had his team run an experiment: they contacted the same candidates for an open role via LinkedIn InMail and through Fetcher’s automated email sequences. The response rate through Fetcher was much higher (90% for this test), and they’ve continued to see better engagement via Fetcher vs. LinkedIn.


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