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How automated sourcing transformed Counterpart’s recruiting

How automated sourcing transformed Counterpart’s recruiting

Counterpart's one-woman talent team decreased her spending, increased her bandwidth, and hit the growing start-up’s hiring goals.

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TL;DR: Facing the challenge of limited bandwidth, Counterpart turned to Fetcher to enhance its sourcing and outreach processes. Fetcher saved them 6 to 7 hours a week, resulting in higher response rates from candidates.


The challenge

The solution

The result


Getting it all done at an early stage start-up

Ali Penny Fiedler, Counterpart’s Head of People, started in Sales and Customer Success. She ended up in a niche Recruiting Programs role and eventually took over referrals, internal mobility, and recruiting operations.

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In her current role at Counterpart, a management liability platform, Ali is currently the sole member of the People team. Talent acquisition is a crucial objective of her role: she reviews resumes, conducts phone screens, and manages candidate communication on top of sourcing candidates.

After a few months at Counterpart, she realized she needed help on the sourcing side, and she reached out to learn more about Fetcher.

The challenge

Lowering costs & increasing bandwidth for a one-woman talent team

Before Fetcher, Ali primarily used LinkedIn Recruiter Lite to find candidates but found it costly and time-consuming. On average, she would allocate six or seven hours a week to sourcing, yielding about 20 outgoing InMails. She also had the help of an Operations Associate who would create candidate lists from her research. However, emailing candidates was difficult because they couldn’t always access their email addresses.

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“On LinkedIn, I’d spend roughly an hour sourcing candidates and then go in and create messages individually to send out,” says Ali. “I learned quickly that I wasn’t going to get a ton of responses, and it was extremely manual unless I paid more for the bulk tooling.”

As she started to hire for more roles, she also turned to staffing agencies to fill certain pipelines. This was another expensive solution and didn’t always yield quality candidates. Between multiple staffing partners and her internal efforts, she was finding it challenging to get organized and find an efficient path to sourcing.

When investigating other tools, she discovered many that offered automated emailing but didn’t include truly automated sourcing. Ali needed both to bulk up her talent pools and connect with more candidates without taking up more of her limited bandwidth.

The solution

Better, more efficient processes through recruiting automation

From her initial demo with Fetcher, Ali was impressed by how much control she had over the sourcing results. Now, she can quickly review the batches of candidates sent to her, and when she needs to, she can put a search on hold.

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Fetcher also includes human verification before delivering candidates, which minimizes her time searching for and validating email addresses.

“Fetcher has more access to getting emails than I ever had. To have the CRM, which allows us to automate follow-ups, makes it so much easier to manage,” she says.

The result

Supercharged sourcing and outreach

Ali now relies on Fetcher to source for her in the background, saving her between 6 to 7 hours a week – nearly one entire workday. With the time she gets back, she can focus more on connecting with candidates further down the funnel.

By contacting candidates through email instead of InMail, Ali is now seeing much higher response rates. She attributes the success to having the personal email addresses gathered by Fetcher and to the efficacy of the email templates within the platform.

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Faster ramp-up for roles across teams

Counterpart is growing across departments and roles, which could be daunting for a one-woman recruiting team like Ali’s. However, Fetcher has allowed her to elevate what she can accomplish because her sourcing isn’t limited to one specialty or team. Since signing on with Fetcher, she’s been able to build pipelines for roles in Product, Marketing, DevOps, Data Analysis, and more.

“I’ve been able to recruit in industries and functions I didn’t have experience with,” says Ali. “It’s helped me ramp faster for roles and allows for quick internal calibration with hiring managers.”

Ultimately, Ali’s experience with Fetcher has given her a deep appreciation for automation in the recruiting process. It allows her to be more efficient with her time. It’s also less restrictive than LinkedIn and more cost-efficient than outside sourcers or staffing firms.

“Automation makes my life so much easier… I can’t imagine not having automation,” she adds.



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