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How diversified its team with Fetcher

How diversified its team with Fetcher leveraged Fetcher’s automated recruitment platform to discover, connect with, and hire underrepresented talent to continue diversifying their team. customer story logo

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TL;DR: With the help of Fetcher, efficiently built a diverse talent pipeline and sent personalized outreach, resulting in hiring 11 new employees, with 82% being women and/or underrepresented minorities, all within 12 months.


The challenge

The solution

The result


Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) initiatives have become a top priority for many tech companies. As a rapidly growing tech company, is no exception. The company has deeply embedded diversity hiring in its values and is constantly working towards supporting DE&I initiatives.

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Let’s explore how, led by Anna Chalon, Sr. Director of Talent and DE&I, tackled the challenge of sourcing diverse, high-quality candidates without overburdening their recruiting team.

The challenge

Supporting company DE&I initiatives without overextending recruiters

As a rapidly growing tech company, is constantly hiring, with diversity hiring a top priority since it is deeply rooted in its values. While the team receives many referrals and inbound applicants, they know that sourcing for each role is necessary to ensure a robust pipeline of diverse, high-quality candidates.

Before utilizing Fetcher, Anna and her recruiting team were spread thin and spent countless hours sourcing for all open roles to build a diverse pipeline.

The solution

Sourcing a diverse pipeline and getting time back each day,

Anna knew that sourcing was essential in building a diverse talent pipeline, but she and her team were overextended, so she turned to Fetcher for help. Anna and her team utilized Fetcher’s combination of human and machine intelligence features to analyze thousands of profiles for every search, allowing them to build a robust pipeline of diverse, qualified candidates without needing more time in the day.

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After identifying great talent, Fetcher made it easy to engage via email, sending automated, personalized messages to prospects. Fetcher gave the bandwidth to source for all their open roles and send more outreach than they could ever manage manually.

The result

Meeting hiring timelines while diversifying's team

Using Fetcher, Anna and her team were able to build a robust, diverse pipeline in just a few weeks. Best of all, in under 12 months, Fetcher helped hire 11 new employees, 9 of whom (82%) were women and/or underrepresented minorities.

Anna Chalon from quote

“With Fetcher, we were able to build a better pipeline with no more effort from our team,” said Anna.

Furthermore, “When it came to choosing a platform, pricing was an important consideration for us. With Fetcher, the value we gain compared to its price is huge. We’re growing really quickly, and Fetcher has become an integral part of our hiring strategy. The return on investment (ROI) we get from it is really high.”