Diverse top talent, fetched for you.

Fetcher automates candidate sourcing and outreach, giving you more bandwidth to focus on the human side of recruiting. That’s right. Ditch the databases for custom, curated batches of diverse, top talent.

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How Fetcher Works

Source All Day…
 Without Sourcing All Day

Ready to upgrade your recruiting strategy and say goodbye to standard sourcing tools? With Fetcher, you’ll receive candidates in curated batches, rather than having to dig through a database. You provide search criteria, our algorithm searches the web for good-fit candidates, and then our team of sourcing experts reviews and customizes for 
you. It’s like having your own sourcing team, working in the background for you.

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Send Automated Emails

Engage candidates quickly by reaching out any time of day, from anyone in your company. Set up personalized email campaigns, add candidates with one click, and automate outreach and follow ups. Go beyond InMail to create a structured, consistent outreach strategy and reach more candidates, faster.

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Track and Analyze Your Pipeline

With full sourcing and outreach analytics, you’ll be set up for top-of-funnel success from day one. Gain visibility into how many candidates are at each stage, the effectiveness of your emails, and your full team’s performance. Plus, get demographic and gender breakdowns of candidates sourced for each role, allowing you to hyperfocus on your diversity strategy.

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Celebrate More Time With Candidates

Fetcher’s mission is to help connect you with the people who will help you change the world, and we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our recruiting automation helps you get to the “yes” moment sooner through targeted candidate searches and quicker, standardized outreach.

That’s a win for recruiters, and a win for candidates!

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Fetcher Gets Two Paws Up

“There are a lot of companies that have been in our situation. They're on the cusp of growth, they're battling for talent, and they just don't have the tools to automate processes or functions to help them grow. Fetcher is helping us grow and adapt as we grow.”

Nihal Solomon,

People Business Partner at Magnite

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